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Click Here for a Headbones "How to guide" 

General Questions 

I'm having trouble pairing my Headbones

You have not successfully entered pairing mode. To do this press and hold the call button for at least 5 seconds or until you hear the voice command announce "pairing" and the LED blinks intermittently red/blue.

I cannot connect to my Damson Jet

Please follow these steps:

If your Jets serial number begins with 13 (check on the underside for the serial number)

1. On your smart device (phone or tablet) open your Bluetooth settings and enter discovery mode. Ensure Bluetooth is switched on and is able to search for devices.
2. Make sure the device is not connected to another Bluetooth device while it is going through the pairing mode.
3. Identify the Left Damson Jet Speaker by looking on the bottom for a yellow sticker marked L.
4. Hold Down the Centre Power Button on the top. There will be three ascending beeps to announce Jet has powered up. The LED will blink blue. When the Left 
Speaker is on and Ready to Pair the Damson Logo Will Blink Blue. If/WHEN you hear an additional repeating set of two fast beeps, don’t worry, this means the Jet is searching for its twin.
5. Now hold the call/phone button (above the power button on the Jet) on the Left Speaker for about 5 seconds, or until you hear three slows beeps - The Jet is now in pairing mode and will show up on your smart device. (it can take up to 15 seconds to show up in the list)
6. On your smart device it should show Damson Jet in the Bluetooth search area. Select it and wait until it shows “connected”. Now turn off your Jet to finalise the set up process. <<<<<<< this last part is extremely important or you may experience choppy sound.
7. Wait until the smart device says it is not connected to Damson Jet then turn on both Jets hit connect on your phone/tablet.
8. When the Jet 
is connected to your phone the Damson Logo LED Will be in Solid Blue state.
9. Turn on Your Favourite Tunes and enjoy!

If your Jets serial number begins with 14

Set up Sam’s Club Jet’s (bundled with metal mounts). These devices can be identified with a serial number that begins 14.

  1. Only turn on the left speaker.
  2. Press the phone/call button until you hear “pairing” announced
  3. Go to the Bluetooth settings of your device and enable search
  4. Damson Jet will show up in the search, select this. If a code is requested use 0000.
  5. The Jet will now announce “connected” and the LED will turn purple.
  6. Turn on the right Jet. Both Jets will announce “connected” and the right Jet’s LED will be red.
  7. You are now connected and able to play music in stereo wirelessly.
  8. When reconnecting after shutting down, power up and connect to the Left speaker first and then power up the right speaker. 
  9. Step 5 of the box user guide is only required in the unlikely event the left and right speakers have lost their connection to each other. This step is not required for the standard set up process.
My Jets don't play together how do I connect them?

If your Jets serial number begins with 13; Turn on both Jets and then press the phone/call button on both speakers at the same time. This will get them to connect to each other.

If your Jets serial number begins with 14; Turn on both Jets and then press the phone/call button on both speakers at the same time until the speakers announce "searching for stereo". When they announce "connected" they're paired together. 

How many Watts are Damson Speakers?

Twist is 10 Watts. 

Jet is 20 Watts each speaker.  

Vulcan is 30 Watts. 

How do I know when my device is charging and charged?

Twist or Jet - When you connect the USB there is a small LED to the left that will glow red when charging and turn green when fully charged.

Oyster - the unit will only emit a charging indicator when the speaker is powered up, although it will be charging if the charger is connected. To check the status watch the D logo. The LED in the middle of the logo will blink green when fully charged.  

Vulcan and Headbones - The device will indicate a red light which will disappear when charged.

What products do Damson speakers work with?

Our products work with any smart device including phones, mp3 players, tablets or computers. These should all stream Bluetooth. Devices include iPhones, iPods, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, iPad etc. Please check your devices user guide for details or contact your device manufacturer's support. 

How do I pair my Damson product? 

Click the links on the right hand side to download your user guide.  

What are the best surfaces to use the Twist and Jet on?

You can use your product on any surface that allows for resonance such as plastics, metals, glass and wood. The more hollow the better.  Everyday household items that work well include Windows, bedside tables, chest of draws, glass hobs, coffee tables (wooden or glass). Trying experiment to get the best sound for you.  Solid items such as granite, stone, concrete, thick wood will not work well. 

Are their any accessories for the Damson products?

Jet and Twist - Metal Mount that allow you to use the speakers on vertical surfaces, such as windows. Try attaching your speaker to the inside of the window then listen outside.

Vulcan and Oyster - interchangeable coloured metal grilles.

What is the Bluetooth range of Damson products?

Twist – upto 10 metres (30 feet). 

Jet – up to 10 metres (30 feet) from device to the left Jet. Up to six metres (20 feet) Jet to Jet is the best range.

HeadBones – 7 to 10 metres (23 to 30 feet) depending on the position of the connected device. 

I am having issues connecting the speakers to my PC.

Please check that your PC or laptop supports A2DP Bluetooth profile. 

How long is the battery life?

Battery life varies depending on the volume your music is played at, the type of music you are playing and and device you are connected to.

Twist – up to 9 hours.

Jet – up to 8 hours.

Vulcan – up to 8 hours.

HeadBones – up to 8 hours.  

I've connected my speaker to one device successfully but can't connect to another?

It is likely the speaker is still connected to the initial device. Try playing some music through the initial device to check if it is still connected. If you are connectred, either un-pair or turn off Bluetooth on your first device and try again with the other device. If you have not entered pairing mode, refer to the products user to follow these instructions. 

I've lost my charging cable, does Damson sell replacements?

Yes, please complete the support form for further details.

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User Guides

Below are links to a pdf version of the user guide for Damson products

Product Specific Questions


How does the Twist produce sound?

It uses the surfaces it is placed on in order to amplify the sound. Traditional speakers use a diaphragm to produce sound. The Twist uses Incisor Diffusion Technology.

My Twist is vibrating on the surface it is placed upon.

Ensure the Twist is placed on a smooth, clean and flat surface. Ensure the rubber pad is clear of dust and dirt. Wiping this with damp, soapy cloth will regain the stickiness.

For how long and by what means should I charge my Twist?

We recommend charging the Twist off the mains via a USB plug. The power from a laptop is generally not enough to ensure the battery is fully charged. For the first charge, we recommend a good 5 to 6 hours. Subsequent charges for 2 to 3 hours. 

Can I use more than one Twist at once?

Not via Bluetooth but it is possible to “daisy chain” together as many Twists as you wish.


My Damson Jet crackles. How do I stop this?

This only happens occasionally on the first connection. Please turn off the Jets, wait 15 seconds and then restart the device. This should eliminate the crackling.

Why do I get intermittent sound from my Jet?

This is due to the positioning of your Jet in relation to your Bluetooth device. The left Jet requires a clear line of sight to you Bluetooth device. To overcome this, align your Jet and Bluetooth device in a triangular format. Alternatively, position them in a linear format ensuring the left Jet is the one positioned closet to your Bluetooth device.

Can I link two Jets (4 speakers) together?

No, it's not possible.

Is it possible to reset the Jets that came with the mount bundle?

1) Plug in the USB charging cable into a wall socket plug. Ensure the socket is turned on. The Jet should not be connected to the power cable.

2) Hold down the power button on your Damson Jet and at the same time, insert the power cable. The speaker will reboot and the solid light will go out. 

Does the Jet work with the Metal Mount?

Yes, It certainly does.


Which hearing conditions will the Headbones work for?

Damson HeadBones work using bone conduction. If your condition still allows you to hear through bone conduction then HeadBones will work for you. The drivers sit on your temporal bone and use this to conduct the sound through to your inner ear. We do recommend you consult your audiologist.

Can I use Headbones to listen to my TV?

Yes if it is Bluetooth enabled, you can use it wirelessly. If your TV is not Bluetooth enabled it is possible to purchase an adaptor. HeadBones can also be plugged in via a 3.5mm cable, to your TV. 

Can I select my next or previous track using Headbones?

The track select option is available just hold down the arrow buttons on the Headbones, the right button is to advance tracks, the left for going back. 

How do I charge my Headbones?

Please charge from the mains using the micro USB which is provided The charging port for the Headbones can by found at the rear of the unit, next to the + and - buttons. We suggest an overnight charge to ensure the battery is fully charged.


What's the difference between the Vulcan and the Oyster?

We improved the sound quality and clarity of the Vulcan vastly when compared with Oyster. The Vulcan produces near distortion free sound with crystal clear highs and a deep bass. This provides excellent sound whether you listen to drum'n bass or classical music. The second most significant and a very visual change is that the Vulcan comes with metal grilles. Different coloured grilles are available to purchase through our online store in black, white or red. LED's indicates the "state" of the Vulcan and there are also voice prompts which will tell you when the Vulcan is connected and alerts you when the battery is running low.