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Software Update 

Version 2.00.015

December 27, 2016. we have released a new software update. This update is currently only available through the AuraVisor update process.  The MicroSD update will be released over the next few days. 

This update fixes or adds the following features:

1. Better keyboard for entering text in apps. 


Install on the AuraVisor via WiFi

We advise putting your AuraVisor on charge to carry out this update. 

Tools > Settings > System > Check online > Install.  

Ensure your AuraVisor is connected to power. 

The software update is 373mb and may take some time to finish. If you wish to check the download status we recommend the following in order to check it's progress. Go to Tools > Settings > General > Devices > Internal. Make a note of the amount of internal memory used and add 373mb to it to give you the final download amount. During the download process, you will see the internal memory increasing and be able to gauge when it is finished.

Alternatively, let it download in the background and install after it has finished downloading. To install repeat the steps:Tools > Settings > System > Check online > Install. There will be a pop-up that notifies you about a new software update to install. Install it and wait until it has completed. DO NOT POWER OFF AT THIS STAGE.

It is best to put the AuraVisor down and if the headset has gone into sleep mode pressing the power button once so it comes back on.Wait some time, depending on your internet speed. The file is 373mb so can take some time. After it is successfully downloaded it will pop up offering the option to install. Click install and wait for the reboot. 


If you wish to downgrade to a previous version of the software via sideload use the link below. 

Download Version 2.00.010 here and copy to a MicroSD card.  Then follow below. 

Tools > Settings > System > Software Update > Install from Zip > Browser > Change to Devices > Select your MicroSD card and locate the zip file to install > Install